Grünes Netzwerk in Europa bietet offenen Termin gegen „period poverty“ an, 08.11.

Period poverty affects 1 in 10 menstruating persons across Europe. While on a larger scale this issue is enforced by unfair VAT regulations raising prices for menstrual products, local councils and local initiatives have the chance to really make a difference for those affected. And the people affected by this are not limited to low-income countries. The stigma around periods and the high prices of menstrual products makes period poverty occurring among huge parts of our societies. Even small actions can have a huge impact and improve the lives of people menstruating on a daily level. 

In our next webinar we will share concrete examples for initiatives in local councils to improve the lives of menstruating people through making free menstrual products accessible in public places like school or public buildings. Furthermore, we will explore how larger coalitions with civil society initiatives can further amplify the message and support the measures taken.

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We are looking forward to seeing you in the webinar!

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